Alms bowl (patta)

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Alms bowl (patta)

Postby acinteyyo » Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:07 pm

Does anyone know where one can purchase an alms bowl (patta)? (except for example flying to Baan Baht in Thailand ;) )
Maybe even an online shop exists...? I didn't find anything.

best wishes, acinteyyo
Pubbe cāhaṃ bhikkhave, etarahi ca dukkhañceva paññāpemi, dukkhassa ca nirodhaṃ. (M.22)
Both formerly, monks, and now, it is just suffering that I make known and the ending of suffering.
Pathabyā ekarajjena, saggassa gamanena vā sabbalokādhipaccena, sotāpattiphalaṃ varaṃ. (Dhp 178)
Sole dominion over the earth, going to heaven or lordship over all worlds: the fruit of stream-entry excels them.

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