Is rebirth a Buddhist teaching?

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Re: Is rebirth a Buddhist teaching?

Postby TheNoBSBuddhist » Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:36 am

I am mindful of what a Theravadin monk once said to me:

All the suttas and teachings the Buddha ever gave, every word of instruction he ever uttered, can be found in the Dhammapada;
The Dhammapada is a condensed collection of verses, but their wisdom can all be found in the Eightfold path.
The Eightfold path can be summed up as paying attention, to everything.

So make it simpler for yourself, and Meditate."

Hence my signature.

You will not be punished FOR your 'emotions'; you will be punished BY your 'emotions'.


Pay attention, simplify, and (Meditation instruction in a nutshell) "Mind - the Gap."
‘Absit invidia verbo’ - may ill-will be absent from the word. And mindful of that, if I don't respond, this may be why....
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Re: Is rebirth a Buddhist teaching?

Postby SarathW » Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:44 pm

When the wood fire becomes bamboo fire can we say Wood fire, re-born as Bamboo fire?
If Buddha is a bamboo- fire, will Budhha say, I was a wood-fire in my last birth?
Then the Buddha asked the bhikkhus whether Bhikkhu Sāti was likely to attain any spiritual insight. The bhikkhus answered, “No, Lord.” The Buddha then stressed the conditionality of consciousness with examples. The fire that starts with wood is called a wood-fire, that which starts with bamboo is called a bamboo-fire, that which starts with grass is called a grass-fire. Similarly the consciousness conditioned by the eye and the visual form is called eye-consciousness (cakkhuviññāṇa); that conditioned by the ear and the sound is called ear-consciousness (sotaviññāṇa), etc. Thus the Buddha explained how each unit of consciousness is distinct and separate in itself, and how it passes away and is replaced by a new one. However, Bhikkhu Sāti did not give up his ego-belief and he missed the holy path because of his bigotry.
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