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Re: Wat Dhammakaya

Postby Visuddho » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:18 am

If you want to look it up and read it, it was published online in the Bangkok post shortly after the dsi tried to arrest your leader.

Concerning communication and values:
It is useless to explain to a blindborn person how red looks like. Although you have eyesight you choose not to open your eyes but prefer to be stuck in your corrupted imaginary world. Like in matrix, you choose the blue pill, to stay in the prison of mind, the 'blissful' illusion.
One could also say you are like a person blinded by love/strong attachment. When you are in love you loose reason and surrender to blind emotions.

Unfortunately even you are well educated it bears little fruit to explain to you what you do not want to hear like that the Buddha said "birth is dukkha!". You enjoy dukkha (the matrix) and want more of it. The Buddha thaught the way to end dukkha (=birth) but you like to prolong dukkha.

To put it shortly we are both (as well wpd and people who want to end dukkha) on different paths because of different views. You believe what is dukkha to be sukkha (one of four corruptions). 'So stay in your illusion and keep your eyes fast closed. Dare you open your eyes.' *

Keeping that in mind it is very normal that you join a group who shares your desires and values. Wpd is one of many big groups of people who likes to continue to live in darkness = dukkha. Whatever rebirth it is still unsatisfactory/unpleasant = dukkha. You will never be at ease nor will you ever reach real satisfaction on your path.

Yes it is pretty pointless, energy wasting and you accumulate only demerit to put effort in sharing your views, that it's good to keep ones eyes closed/ to enjoy and prolong dukkha, to people who value open eyes/ want to end dukkha. But well this you also not want to hear.

The point we agree on:
Yes most people in the world share your wrong view and values. That's why wpd has more followers as eg the forest tradition. Also yes wpd followers accumulate less demerit than people who do more akusala actions.

Remember but don't reflect to much on it that whatever information your wpd friends give you (like all these videos etc which you post here) it would be never something which puts wpd in a bad light. But they always try to shape and deepen that what they and you want you to believe and think. Yes it is not different to what everyone (who holds corrupted views) does.

In case you want to preserve your noble speech how about to let those people here post what they believe or/and experienced first hand and you continue to post your views on your blog? Anyway it was educational and entertaining for me that you popped in so thanks a lot for that!

Let's make a stop here since all has been said.

Be well

* ;) I suppose you know how I mean that.
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Re: Wat Dhammakaya

Postby dhammafriend » Fri Sep 16, 2016 3:44 pm

From Dhammakaya Uncovered:


Some extracts from the article:


No, he did not. Obviously, to have received stolen money, the money in question has to be stolen. However, whether or not the money was actually stolen has not yet been determined* - that case is still in court. How can you file a case against someone based on “evidence” that hasn’t been proven to be true?


No, he did not. To have laundered money, the Abbot had to have (1) known the money was stolen, (2) masked the money trail by putting the money through a series of transactions, and (3) returned the money to the former chairman. All three conditions need to be met for the act to be considered money laundering. However, none of this happened.


To address (1), there is no possible fact-based way to prove that the Abbot had no knowledge. However, the lack of evidence to show that he did have knowledge indicates his innocence. Regarding (2) and (3), the Anti-Money Laundering Office traced all cheques involved and found a clear money trail, and confirmed that no money was ever returned to the former chairman.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of some of the fund raising methods used by Wat Phra Dhammakaya, but you have to be blind to not see something extremely fishy is going on with this 'case'. Both the Somdet and Phra Dhammajayo are practitioners of Vijja Dhammakai Lineage. This is too much of a coincidence.

For anyone actually interested in the origins of Vijja Dhammakai, check out this thread I created with a few useful links, academic and religious.


Clearly the Vijja Dhammakai tradition (of which Wat Phra Dhammakaya is an heir) is a remnant of the pre-reform Yogavacara Buddhist traditions in Thailand. What we think of as standard Theravada Buddhism in Thailand today is actually a very recent (historically speaking) construction /reaction based on Thailand's encounter with modernity and western cultural influence.

Natthi me saranam annam buddho me saranam varam
For me there is no other refuge, the Buddha is my excellent refuge.
Etena saccavajjena vaddheyyam satthu-sasane
By the utterance of this truth, may I grow in the Master’s Way.

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