Jayatilleke and Buddhism Now

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Jayatilleke and Buddhism Now

Postby danieLion » Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:50 am

I'm posting this here (instead of in the Early Buddhism sub-forum) because these Jayatilleke quotes(from Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge) while taken somewhat out of context still seem extremely relevant to the state of Buddhism today.
Plus, I want people to feel free to keep it as open a discussion as possible.
It's similar to this topic


but different enough to be its own.

Jayatilleke wrote:When there is a welter of contending views, people naturally become curious as to which view is true and in the absence of a safe criterion of truth become suspicious as to whether any view at all could be true (p. 110).

If one cannot know another's mind, communication is impossible and knowledge no longer becomes objective (p. 118).

The fact that it is better to have knowledge of something rather than faith or belief in it is often acknowledged (p. 398).

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