Dream World v Real World!

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Re: Dream World v Real World!

Postby Buckwheat » Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:15 am

equilibrium wrote:Words are not going to do it are they?.....honestly. Even if the suttras are telling you it is a dream world and even if one truly believes it is a dream world, it is not going to work.....why?.....because believe is not good enough, one must go beyond it.....one needs to “know”.....to know, one needs to wake up.....just like a dream, when you wake up you will realize that it was a dream.

Lets illustrate this simple point.....say if someone were to read the entire Suttra Pitaka and assume that person has prerequisites in place, by reading the suttras, the person is unlikely to be awaken because reading alone cannot make you awake.....it is the mind that needs to be awaken.....by realization.....a light bulb moment if you like.

Another example is food.....say if you and a friend were both hungry and naturally head to a restaurant for some food. You both agreed that we should order a large pizza. The pizza arrived but you decided not to eat and your friend ended up eating the entire pizza.....your friend is no longer hungry.....but you are still hungry.....because you have not eaten.

The above illustrates the point that you have to do it by yourself and no one can do it for you. Food is on the table, you have to eat to fulfil your hunger.....suttras are there to be understood, this can only happen if you think about it so you can realize them in your mind.....it cannot be transferred from person to person.

.......more later.

You must not know me very well... I would never pass up an opportunity for pizza.
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