still no hope of a teacher, should i switch schools?

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Re: still no hope of a teacher, should i switch schools?

Postby Dmytro » Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:02 am

bongrf wrote:I keep in mind a teaching...someone may know from where, I'm sorry that I don't...that one should not be attached to anything.

"Here. Moggalāna, a bhikkhu has heard: 'Nothing is worth holding to.' When a bhikkhu has heard: 'Nothing is worth holding to,' he directly knows all things. Having directly known all things, he fully understands all things. Having fully understood all things, whatever feeling he feels - whether pleasant, painful, or neither painful nor pleasant - he dwells contemplating impermanence in those feelings, contemplating dispassion in those feelings, contemplating cessation in those feelings. As he dwells contemplating impermanence ... dispassion ... cessation ... relinquishment in those feelings, he does not appropriate anything anything in the world. Not appropriating, he is not agitated. Being unagitated, he personally attains Nibbāna. He understands: 'Destroyed is birth, the spiritual life has been lived, what had to be done has been done, there is no more coming back to any state of being.'

AN 7.58


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