Impermanence & Anatta

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Impermanence & Anatta

Postby Zenainder » Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:04 pm

"What is of nature to arise, is of nature to cease."

Most of this life prior to being formally introduced to the dhamma I've remarked on the patterns of this existence. Observed it in history, friends, foes, and myself. After being taught the dhamma and seeing it further within my practice I cannot help but remark on the subtle patterns present within and without even more. It is all in such a state of a flux, constantly changing! And I've come to find it quite difficult to take it "seriously" and instead find it quite humorous at the thought to do so; the temporal is not so interesting when regarded as temporary :shrug: . And then this false absolute of self, a slippery devil. Having only a slight understanding of anatta its wrecked the way I (what I? hehe see silly devil! :lol: ) relate with others. Compassion replaces frustration.

Can you see it?
No goer, only going.
No thinker, only thinking.
No walker, only walking.
No whiner, only whining.
No winner, only winning.
No Me, only grasping.

:jumping: Its all so funny.

With warm chuckles,


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