Maha Ummagga Jataka

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Maha Ummagga Jataka

Postby faraway » Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:04 am

Hi all,

I came across this jataka (Mahā Ummagga Jātaka):

I never saw a very lengthy jataka before, I found the story very epic. It has unbelievable plots like other jataka but it's still a great story to read. One complaint from me is the english translation that very hard to understand, I can't blame much as it's from an old publication. I hope someday I can see a modern english translation. I also think this jataka can be made into a movie too :thumbsup:

I wonder if there are any other jataka with almost same length like this jataka. The second one I can think is Ghata Jataka (Andhakavenhu Putta).
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Re: Maha Ummagga Jataka

Postby Cittasanto » Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:13 am

There is another collection of Jataka like stories in the basket of conduct, i think the PTS translated it, although I have not actually seen a translation of this book, it is part of the Khundhaka pitaka.

I think there are plenty of new translations of the Jataka Stories, but they are by Asian Translators mainly I believe.
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