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Pali Website Recommendation

Postby Dhammanando » Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:42 am


A recent announcement posted by Jim Anderson to the Yahoo Pali grammar list:

Dear Members,

I'd like to recommend the following website for those who do not already know about it:

Ancient Buddhist Texts

Anandajoti Bhikkhu seeems to be the main one behind it or at least the main contributor. You'll find, for example, a comparative edition of the Dhammapada which shows side by side 4 different versions (, Patna, Gandhaarii, Udaanavarga). There is also a revised edition (with a translation) in progress of a grammar based on the Padama~njarii by Ven. Devamitta of Molligoda (first published in 1922). The new work is entitled Navapadama~njarii. The website has a lot of material that will be of interest to students and scholars of Pali texts and translations.

Best wishes,
Khandhānaṃ rāsaṭṭhaṃ, āyatanānaṃ āyatanaṭṭhaṃ,
Dhātūnaṃ suññaṭṭhaṃ, indriyānaṃ adhipatiyaṭṭhaṃ,
Saccānaṃ tathaṭṭhaṃ aviditaṃ karotītipi ‘avijjā’.

It prevents knowing the meaning of heap in the aggregates, the meaning of actuating in the sense-bases, the meaning of voidness in the elements, the meaning of predominance in the faculties, and the meaning of suchness in the truths, thus it is called ‘ignorance’.
(Visuddhimagga XVII. 43)

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