Was Asoka the 'author' of the Asokan Inscriptions?

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Was Asoka the 'author' of the Asokan Inscriptions?

Postby Bankei » Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:54 am

Herman Tieken questions a number of assumptions regarding the Asokan inscriptions, including:
- Does Piyadasse = Asoka?
- Where the inscriptions erected after his death?

See "The Role of the So-called Aśoka Inscriptions in the Attempt to Date the Buddha", Rivista di Studi Sudasiatici, Vol 1, 2006


The date of the Buddha is calculated on the basis of the date of Aśoka’s consecration. According to one Buddhist tradition this event took place 100 years after the Buddha’s death, according to another tradition 218 later. Aśoka’s dates, in turn, are calibrated by those of the certain Greek kings mentioned in Rock Edict xiii. However, in the present article it is argued that the “Aśoka inscriptions” are not necessarily by Aśoka and that the name Aśoka found in some of the inscriptions is a later insertion.

Full article at http://ejour-fup.unifi.it/index.php/rss ... /view/2456
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Re: Was Asoka the 'author' of the Asokan Inscriptions?

Postby BlackBird » Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:34 am

I would suggest reading Theravada Buddhism by Richard Gombrich - Ol' Dick has some good things to say on this topic.

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