Should We Take a Multivitamin?

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Should We Take a Multivitamin?

Postby Mkoll » Fri Jan 31, 2014 9:57 pm

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Re: Should We Take a Multivitamin?

Postby Bhikkhu Pesala » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:24 pm

The conclusion I would draw is that it's better to spend your money on healthy fresh food than on multivitamins, unless you have a specific vitamin deficiency for some reason.

A recent Horizon Documentary concluded that processed foods were the primary cause of health problems — not fat, nor sugar, but the combination of both found in processed foods like cheesecake, icecream, cake, biscuits, etc. It seems that human beings (and rats) just cannot resist the mixture of fats and sugars, which do not occur naturally in foods, so they eat far more than they need.
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