Suttas mentioning tranquility and concentration nimittas

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Postby alan... » Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:15 am

mikenz66 wrote:
alan... wrote:i like that attitude. considering how great each method has worked for me, to right one or another off as "wrong" seems like a bad idea. although some who teach these methods would certainly call theirs the only right ones...

My solution is to simply ignore anyone who claims to have the one true method or the one true interpretation of the Buddha-Vacana.

However, I would advise following the suggestions of one particular teacher. Different teachers can sound contradictory because they are trying to give what they think is the most effective way of approaching the path, based on their experience, and the experience of their students.


especially if they are focused solely on one specific method! the buddha taught so many it's amazing. and he gave a fair amount of variation on many of the individual methods as well. so when someone says "the only way is MY way and it's this specific training taught by the buddha", i'm kind of like "...hmmm... i'm going to just back up and leave quietly."
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