Mental Noting

Discussion of Satipatthana bhavanā and Vipassana bhavana.
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Re: Mental Noting

Postby tiltbillings » Thu Sep 29, 2011 5:58 am

Sylvester wrote:
tiltbillings wrote:
mikenz66 wrote:I'm a bit wary of the term "bare attention" because there seem to be various ways of interpreting it.
Maybe "bare attention" is worth a careful look, and new thread. That will give me something to do later today.

Please do. I'll try to chime in a little with a philological/grammatical analysis of the ubiquitous "iti" clitics used all over the Satipatthana Sutta instructions, which may hopefully throw some light from another angle.

I think the "bare attention" theory has a very sound foundation in the Satipatthana Suttas, even if the standard Pali grammars have not picked this up.
I'll post something, but it will be in a couple of hours from now. Other duties call.

I'll start is as a new thread.

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Re: Mental Noting

Postby Sylvester » Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:01 am

Oh no! All of my grammars are on my office PC, which means I'll have to lug it home if I'm to keep pace with your new thread. Maybe just a few notes, and no citations then.

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