The no-doer in the modern world

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Re: The no-doer in the modern world

Postby bodom » Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:18 am


Keep in mind the principle of doerless doing: 

The doing is done but no doer is there.
The path has been walked but no walker is there. 

This verse refers to the arahant, the one who has practised Dhamma, or who has walked the Noble Path to its very end and who has reached Nibbana, but with no walker or no practiser to be found. 

The principle of doerless doing must be taken up and utilized in our daily lives. Whether we're eating, sitting, laying down, standing, walking,  using, seeking, whatever we're doing we must have enough truth-discerning awareness to prevent the arising of the feeling of 'I'- the feeling that 'I' am the doer, 'I' am the eater: the walker, the sitter, the sleeper or the user. We must make the mind constantly empty of ego, so that emptiness is the natural state and we abide with the awareness that there is nothing worth having or being. ... _EMPTINESS

This is our foundation: to have sati, recollection, and sampajañña, self-awareness, whether standing, walking, sitting, or reclining. Whatever arises, just leave it be, don't cling to it. Be it like or dislike, happiness or suffering, doubt or certainty... Don't try to label everything, just know it. See that all the things that arise in the mind are simply sensations. They are transient. They arise, exist and cease. That's all there is to them, they have no self or being, they are neither ''us'' nor ''them.'' They are not worthy of clinging to, any of them. - Ajahn Chah

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Re: The no-doer in the modern world

Postby Sarva » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:21 am

Thanks all
I am very grateful for the helpful replies. I am going to 'let go' and not think so much about this for the moment. :) :namaste:
“Both formerly & now, it is only stress that I describe, and the cessation of stress.” — SN 22:86

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