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Postby Caraka » Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:11 pm


I'm in need for advices or resources around mental concentration to increase virtue. I believe increased virtue is needed to avoid defilements e.g. of sex and hunger?

My body is really not in need to eat to much (a classical example is to much snacks and beer while watching tv), nor do my body need sex. However sometimes Mara rides me like a horse and it always seems to be triggered by defilements in my mind.

A modern description of this, I guess, is: 'weak will'

And there is the aftermatch of feeling bad cause of giving in for a weak will. What to do with bad conscious?

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Re: Defilements

Postby cooran » Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:50 pm

Hello Caraka,

This might be a beginning:

The Five Mental Hindrances and Their Conquest - Selected Texts from the Pali Canon and the Commentaries
compiled and translated by Nyanaponika Thera

 1. Sensual Desire
 2. Ill-will
 3. Sloth and Torpor
 4. Restlessness and Remorse
 5. Doubt ... el026.html

with metta
---The trouble is that you think you have time---
---Worry is the Interest, paid in advance, on a debt you may never owe---
---It's not what happens to you in life that is important ~ it's what you do with it ---

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Re: Defilements

Postby Caraka » Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:01 pm

Actual mental hunger is a better expression, at least for cause of actions that results into pursuit of sensual pleasures or overeating...

Where does this mental hunger come from?

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Re: Defilements

Postby bodom » Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:47 pm

Caraka wrote:Where does this mental hunger come from?

Here is what the texts have to say:

The Origin of Craving

But where does this craving arise and take root? Wherever in the world there are delightful and pleasurable things, there this craving arises and takes root. Eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind, are delightful and pleasurable: there this craving arises and takes root.

Visual objects, sounds, smells, tastes, bodily impressions, and mind objects, are delightful and pleasurable: there this craving arises and takes root.

Consciousness, sense impression, feeling born of sense impression, perception, will, craving, thinking, and reflecting, are delightful and pleasurable: there this craving arises and takes root.

This is called the Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering. - DN 22 ... htm#999723

The heart of the path is SO simple. No need for long explanations. Give up clinging to love and hate, just rest with things as they are. That is all I do in my own practice. Do not try to become anything. Do not make yourself into anything. Do not be a meditator. Do not become enlightened. When you sit, let it be. When you walk, let it be. Grasp at nothing. Resist nothing. Of course, there are dozens of meditation techniques to develop samadhi and many kinds of vipassana. But it all comes back to this - just let it all be. Step over here where it is cool, out of the battle. - Ajahn Chah

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