A Plague

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A Plague

Postby tiltbillings » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:19 pm

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Re: A Plague

Postby Ben » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:57 pm

“No lists of things to be done. The day providential to itself. The hour. There is no later. This is later. All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one's heart have a common provenance in pain. Their birth in grief and ashes.”
- Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Learn this from the waters:
in mountain clefts and chasms,
loud gush the streamlets,
but great rivers flow silently.
- Sutta Nipata 3.725

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Re: A Plague

Postby LonesomeYogurt » Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:38 pm

Malthusian doom-and-gloom predictions are nothing new, but they're certainly getting old.
Gain and loss, status and disgrace,
censure and praise, pleasure and pain:
these conditions among human beings are inconstant,
impermanent, subject to change.

Knowing this, the wise person, mindful,
ponders these changing conditions.
Desirable things don’t charm the mind,
undesirable ones bring no resistance.

His welcoming and rebelling are scattered,
gone to their end,
do not exist.
- Lokavipatti Sutta

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Re: A Plague

Postby tiltbillings » Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:52 pm

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Re: A Plague

Postby SDC » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:24 pm

The earth is doomed. Not a question of if, but when. It's the only reasonable way to look at this situation. I won't go as far as to call humans a disgrace (or a plague for that matter), but the way we live is stupid and it is only a matter of time before quality of life is garbage across the board. Good riddance, because the better things are, the more likely we are to want to stay living here. I'll try not to let the atmosphere hit me in the ass on the way out.

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