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Heart and Mind

Postby Sanjay PS » Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:04 pm

When doing 10 day courses ( retreats ) i have found , as the days go by , any thought that arises in the mind, simultaneously appears to start with a sensation within the heart ,sometimes the sensation becomes amplified and is felt within, and, or over the body .

Once while taking rest in the night time at the centre, the heart beat became acutely feeble , yet pronounced , in that, it seemed to slowly arise, take the slightest pause , and gradually fade away , and cycled this way , the lub and the dub of the beat ( systolic and diastolic ) , the mental framework of the mind was of deep content.

Its difficult to feel this in day to day living , and unwholesome conditions can hijack the feeling of a subtle sensation while in the heart :shrug:
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