How did you come to Buddhism? (poll)

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How did you come to Buddhism? (see post for elucidation)

1) Through meditation
2) Through Dhamma
3) I can't say I adopted Buddhism as a religion
Total votes: 88

Spiny Norman
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Re: How did you come to Buddhism? (poll)

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I was a recovering Catholic when I first got involved with Buddhism. The absence of God was probably a big factor. :woohoo:
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Re: How did you come to Buddhism? (poll)

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I don't really remember when and how I first encountered Buddhism. Born in Buddhist culture. Some meditations made me think "this is really something". Adding some readings & listenings, ... "this is really really something". Adding some arguings :tongue: on DWT ... "this is really really really something".




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Nicholas Weeks
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Re: How did you come to Buddhism? (poll)

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Perhaps I missed it, but did not see Zom define "coming to Buddhism" as formally, in a Temple with a Bhikshu, taking refuge in the Three Jewels of Buddha, Dharma & Sangha. Other than that sincere step, which is the true entrance to the Dharma, the rest would be philo-Buddhists or fans of Buddhism or cultural Buddhists.

Would like to see a poll of how many have formally taken refuge - maybe there is one already here - somewhere.
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