Hello all

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Hello all

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I am admittedly a little lost in the world of Buddhism but joined to learn and grow from everyone here. I have had a fascination with Buddhism since I bought a book when I was a teenager titled "Wide Awake: A Buddhist Guide for Teens" about a decade later and I am back on my search.

This need to learn and adapt Buddhism to my life again was brought about by a series of very bad panic attacks. I went to one doctor who wanted to instantly put me on medication which is something I don't want at all so I went to a different doctor who suggested mindfulness meditation and I'm happy to say this has worked amazingly even though I am early on in my journey.

I believe I can live a full and better life by adopting the teachings of Buddha and truly trying to apply and live them. I hope to eventually achieve this goal with study and practice.

Thank you all and thanks for making this community available to people like me.
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Re: Hello all

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Welcome :hello:
Saññāvirattassa na santi ganthā,
Paññāvimuttassa na santi mohā;
Saññañca diṭṭhiñca ye aggahesuṃ,
Te ghaṭṭayantā vicaranti loke”ti.

“For one detached from perception, there exist no ties,
for one by wisdom freed, no delusions are there,
but those who have grasped perceptions and views,
they wander the world stirring up strife."

Māgaṇḍiya Sutta
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Re: Hello all

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Welcome to DW!

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Re: Hello all

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Welcome :hello:
Coming to Buddhism from the secular mindfulness tradition will add (primarily) an ethical dimension to your practice which will, in turn, help to stabilise your mindfulness. The Five Precepts, which are one strand of the Virtue - Wisdom - Insight path, are foundational.

Beyond that, read widely. Buddhism is a very broad tradition and some varieties of it are sure to be more congenial to you than others.

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Re: Hello all

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Welcome. Understand that even some of the greatest Buddhists have experienced turbulent mental distress, even they are human beings. You can fully and totally learn to overcome and Spiritually Master your mind through Buddhist Teachings and come out stronger than what you at first thought you could be. In fact, the person you've always wanted to be you already are at some point in the future, or maybe, in a mysterious way, fully right now and always. :namaste:
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Re: Hello all

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Welcome! :hello:

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