I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

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I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

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Dear friends in the dhamma. I wonder if there is anyone from the Czech Republic or Central Europe.? I am looking for a companion for serious practice and there is no such person in the vicinity of my residence. I already have a lot of retreats behind me. I practiced vipassana under the guidance of Bhante Sujiva and visited the centers of the Thai forest tradition. I am 37 years old and work as a teacher in a special school. I live alone in a large Augustinian monastery (St. Benigna in Zaječov) where I work as a caretaker. I need companions to stay motivated. If you can't think of anything, can you please recommend me a discussion forum or group where I could find someone? I appreciate any help. Thank you very much.
With metta.
Vaclav Augustin Kolacek
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Re: I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

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Ask yourself why you started all you do or go back to the root causes that have led you to where you are now; and refine them all like a miner with a mirror clears his pan slowly and gently round after round and doesn't just go falling in at the first speck of gold like a monkey.

Typically at "enlightenment" Zen calls it Satori and Kensho and still circle around if it is one or the other... however all traditions aside enlightenment is enlightenment how one lets go of it is more important than holding onto it.

Like a candle you are your own best friend when you say do I have a need to light it or not light it? Seeking a teacher... the teacher actually follows you for twelve years and then strikes that ignorant dragon pseudo self that swallowed the moon when the time is ripe.

So whom are you seeking when no one can see for you even when "blind" many will tell you what they see what they feel etc etc and yet millions of miles away burping their own truth not yours.

Already being at a monastery what's wrong with it? Treat it like a desiccated corpse a charnel ground a grave matter and tend to it so you breathe life back into each other so both can serve and be served equally and properly in equanimity ...that is the way forward.
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Re: I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

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Welcome to DW!

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Re: I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

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Have a nice day, administrator
I must admit that your report encouraged me. Depending on what you wrote, you certainly have considerable experience.
I'm afraid some sentences are too advanced for me to touch my deepest inside. The first sentence touched me the most. And who I'm looking for is also a good question. I will try to answer it:
When I turn to inner guidance, then I find that it is really the right way that an inner teacher really exists. But it happens that the hustle and bustle of life, pleasant and interesting sensory phenomena can slowly and discreetly pull me away from a firm and regular training of mindfulness. They take me away from "here and now" and I stop clearly hearing inner guidance. When there is a person or people nearby who are more stabilized in practice than I am, they set an example for me and help me to stick to the practice. After all, this is also the reason why monks live together in a monastery or groups of lay meditators are formed. However, I must say that your sentences are very inspiring and supportive, although I only feel them intuitively.
Have a nice day
Vaclav Augustin K.
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Re: I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

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Hey dude, welcome.

I've read before that there are bhikkhus in the Czech Republic, maybe you could look that up? Surely there are some like-minded fellows in other countries of Central Europe too, such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc. I'm trying to practice the dhamma alone as well, living in Eastern Europe, with no active seekers around me, so I understand where you're coming from. Although, you do live in a monastery--I'm guessing it appreciates sense restraint, contentment, etc., so that's cool, you've got that going.

Maybe check the Rhinoceros Sutta (Snp 1.3) for some inspiration.
Snp 5.11—"Having nothing, free of clinging: That is the island, there is no other."
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Re: I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

Post by confusedlayman »

being in India and raised here, still I never met any buddhist monk and spoke here ... we only need to go far places if goal is sincere if not there is always internet.
I may be slow learner but im at least learning...
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Re: I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

Post by SarathW »

“As the lamp consumes oil, the path realises Nibbana”
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Re: I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

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My advice is to connect with people online to train together irl. For study just memorize the pali primary sutta and do meditation.
'Bhikkhus, possessing three qualities, a bhikkhu is practicing the unmistaken way and has laid the groundwork for the destruction of the taints. What three? Here, a bhikkhu guards the doors of the sense faculties, observes moderation in eating, and is intent on wakefulness. He should develop perception of unattractiveness so as to abandon lust... good will so as to abandon ill will... mindfulness of in-&-out breathing so as to cut off distractive thinking... the perception of inconstancy so as to uproot the conceit, 'I am.
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Re: I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

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Dear friends,

I am already your friend in the Dhamma.

Read and meditate. Be patient. Don't get overwhelmed because you have no Sangha. Many of us do not, as you can clearly see. All will come in time.

Keep your spirits up, and participate online for support. We are here for you, as much as can help in cyberspace. We're all in one in spirit.

In Zen, you are already enlightenment -- you just don't know it.

I sincerely wish that you fulfill your deepest wish for happiness.

Peace and enlightenment.
May we all fulfill our deepest wish for happiness

We are already Buddha
bhante dhamma
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Re: I'm looking for friends in the dhamma...

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confusedlayman wrote: Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:11 pm being in India and raised here
Sukhī hotu upāsakā, there is a new monastery I know of in the Galduwa tradition being built in Maharashtra, if that's of any interest to you..
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