Login problem?

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Login problem?

Post by SarathW »

Login problem?
I have an intermittent login problem.
It alerts me to the incorrect password but after few attempts, it works.
I had this problem with using another computer as well.
I wonder whether any server interuptions.
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Re: Login problem?

Post by retrofuturist »

SarathW wrote: Wed Feb 10, 2021 9:49 pm I wonder whether any server interuptions.
I've noticed a few intermittent server issues over the past day. It could be that.

Paul. :)
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Re: Login problem?

Post by Ceisiwr »

And me
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Re: Login problem?

Post by DNS »

Instead of trying to log in again, what usually works is to just hit the refresh button.

When you see:
Error 502 Ray ID: 61f9850f383299a1 • 2021-02-10 23:13:16 UTC
Bad gateway

just hit refresh.

If you try to log in too many times, it might lock you out.
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Re: Login problem?

Post by SDC »

Same here intermittently for the last 3 weeks. Thought I was suspended :|
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