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In reagard of invitations and taking what is not given

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:14 pm
by Hanzze
Dear friends,

I like to point out an maybe importand issue in reagard of accumulate good "teachers" in regard of some amount of real knowledge and understanding. Usually even they appear from time to time they are soon on the flight again as far as I had seen on may places.

A Bhikkhu or somebody who has reached some amout of understanding is not really able to take something that is not given. And if he/she do so, it will cost him the possibility for further attainments. We all know from simply rules of the Bhikkhus that they are not alowed to teach when they are not asked for.

I know that there are many very compassionated people who step over it, or even say, today and here its is different, but actually it is not.

I give it up to you to consider it a little depper for your self.

Supposed there is somebody who has been given the possibility to use Internet and also has a possibility to use controlled electicity (which is by the way good if somebody takes care of if he invites such "teachers" and Bhikkhus so that they are not limited in there own development through compassionat deeds) its is how every still difficult and much of assuming where to answer a question.

Maybe it would be good to make a special section where such invited people can teach or maybe there is the possibility to put a special sign on the topic of post. I have seen some boards who have such possibilities (remeber question sign, or heart, are there in use) and visibal in the forum next to the topic titel.

So such a sign would be able to declare the wish of a teaching form such an invited person, who should be also some kind of marked or introduced. Not to forget that they should sit higher to give Dhamma the respect that is nessesary and required to teach. Otherwise its is just a matter of time till there is no more a little respect.

This would give a lot of possibility to teach straight forward and to read statements of people who are not in the need to take care to maintain their livelihood through teaching and would take away a burden of those who are living in such burdens.

It would how every increase the good influence on the board and would help those who have a lot of compassion and contine there work here. Many might fall into the thought: "He has troubles, what should be the problem with it, we are all adult." which is understandable, but even so try to give it a thought and try to develop a possibility of stringless Dhamma giving which is of cause not easy in the fine material world of the internet.

But to sign the topic generally in regard of the OP intention would be next to the "Bhikkhu" problem maybe useful:

I don't know:
* Diskussiontopic
* Sharetopic
* Teach and explain me topic
even a * I like to teach topic
maybe, so there will be no frustration in reagard of the prospects of the topic maker and lesser misunderstaning about the purpose of the topic for others, as there are some who direct questions very gently and so get actually no answers as the general attention is not always high.

Maybe there is also somebody who is able to bring this words of mine into a form that is more understandable.

Wish you anyway much success and may many wise people who join. Its all about conditions. Image

Re: In reagard of invitations and taking what is not given

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:26 pm
by mikenz66
Hi Hanzze,

Our Discovering Theravada forum serves this purpose. The guidelines ... 92#p152856" onclick=";return false; are slightly out of date. Moderator approval is not required for certain members who we trust to stay on topic.


Re: In reagard of invitations and taking what is not given

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:17 am
by Hanzze
Mike, just take the text, put personal things aside and try to think about it. I don't talk about people you tust and it's not about staying on topic, and it also has nothing to do with any person her.
It's simply an suggestion and vision to get the usuals in direction Dhamma-Vinaya and not the Dhamma-Vinaya into usuals.

It's of course diffcult to understand, you will not easy get special explainings from such people I am talking about and you need to work it out for your self.

When you think in dimensions of our ordinated members than it is simply to visionary. Don't worry you will have your Members in tune with your conditions.

Re: In reagard of invitations and taking what is not given

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:01 am
by mikenz66
Hi Hanzze,

As I said, the forum exists and we always welcome informed input to it.


Re: In reagard of invitations and taking what is not given

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:55 am
by Hanzze
You are right Mike, it is nothing but pretentious to make an suggestion without being invited to do, without being asked for it. My mistake.

Re: In reagard of invitations and taking what is not given

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:10 am
by perkele
Hanzze, you do have some rather strange ideas sometimes. No need to get in a huff.
I think it's dfficult to understand what you are getting at.
I don't think what you suggest comes anywhere close to a personal invitation to give a teaching, and I think it will not increase the likelihood of an arahat posting on this forum, if that was your idea.