The Daily Meditation Log [Post after every sitting]

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The Daily Meditation Log [Post after every sitting]

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Hello sangha

After my introduction, I am starting a thread for logging daily meditation efforts. It is my expectation that by logging these efforts in public, it will make me more consistent and disciplined in my practice. Let us give this a try.

I invite other meditators who find daily meditation difficult to join in and post a word or two after each sitting. Just say "I meditated today" or "I meditated this morning for n minutes".

Seeing each other post here daily will give us a sense of community, motivate us all and strengthen our practice. It would also mean visting Dhammawheel twice a day, so those lapses when one goes adrift and gives up on practice for weeks or months altogether will hopefully not happen again. This thread will act as an anchor.

I hope this thread becomes the longest on Dhammawheel, for that will mean we have all been indefatigable in our effort.

To get the ball rolling: I meditated this morning for about 15 minutes.
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Re: The Daily Meditation Log [Post after every sitting]

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Greetings weakfocus

We already have a thread devoted to the journalizing of member meditation efforts: The Dhamma Wheel Meditation Challenge. You are welcome to update us with your efforts there.

Also, if you have a smartphone, we also have the Dhamma Wheel Meditation Challenge group on insight timer. There are a number of us who use insight timer and give and receive support via the social network feature of that app in the Dhamma Wheel Meditation Challenge group.
Wishing you all the best with your meditation efforts and I hope to see you on Insight Timer!.

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