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Re: Life after life

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simsapa wrote: Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:14 pm
It is a mechanism beyond the scope of words. It is possible to know this mechanism experientially - loaded word but I don't have a better word just now. This knowing can arise in numerous ways as a direct result of sustained and daily practice where attention is placed squarely and firmly on the manifold phenomena occurring in the here-and-now both internally and externally - bodily phenomena and worldly phenomena respectively. Just to illuminate this further: the mechanism is happening in this very instant and that is where you will find knowledge of the bigger picture.
What I always believe and convinced is that we are organisms that keeps reacting with the cosmic environment. In this reaction the next step is conditioned by the present state of the organisms which we are. Yet one organism does not depend on other organism. ( This is well explained by rev. Punnaji Thero in his utube explanation ciita, Mano, vingnana).
Further in this reaction where the last psycho physico gets destroyed by the changing of citta ( in micro seconds) is a matter of conditioning as explained in nama Rupa darma.
Terrestrially an organism is formed with Apo, tejo, vayo, patavi,
which are termed cohesion, heat or radiation, air quality and inertia or hardness, ( all physical qualities mutually interchangeable on conditions environmentally).
Along with such energies is mixed with consciouness or vingnana or citta a form of energy not visual.
Samma ditthi sutta explains how these energies keep changing as anicca and nama Rupa. ( Rupa being form, nama is citta and cetasikas).
The mechanism of reaction here is explained by Paticca samuppada whereas how to face such reaction is the noble eight fold path. Paticca samuppada explains that the life which starts with Avidya ( deluded mind) conditions the explained reaction in one life and keeps on going as rebirths in samsara until the deluded mind is cleansed by cessation of loba dosa moha, or klesha.
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Re: Life after life

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I don't see why not. Texts state that Jatissara knowledge, or the ability to recall previous existences, do exist for some people. I don't see why if you learned it in a previous life you wouldn't remember dhamma if you happened to remember that existence. I would say it's most likely possible.
That is in general the question if Buddhas teachings of dependent arising (of consciousness etc.) are true.
I'd have to study them more in depth to really understand them.
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