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Re: Unconditioned

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The Eightfold path means insight, made up of eight bends or eight curves or eight bhajangas. It is the same as Sunyata or Brahman of Advaita. Samma ditthi is the starting point which is starting with higher knowledge. Samma means 'absorbed into that' or like when one looks at the mirror knows his true face reflected in it by the actual face. Now he know his face and discards the mirror since it is not needed now. This is called Samma Ditthi. Now after the Samma Ditthi one needs to renunciate from all ties to proceeds further. He who walk along the path of Eightfold absorption, always absorbed in That while walking, sleeping, eating or doing something. Hence it is called Samma activities, absorbed acts. Who acquire the Samma Ditthi make resolve to end the suffering and being a traveling like a Rhino, partaking nothing but some thrown cloths and food by begging. He travels from place to place, like Fakir, Sometimes like Sage, like Madman. Eventually this is the way towards end of suffering. The word Samma denotes high level of knowledge. The world enveloped in the delusion towards Samma meaning, hence, they translate as 'Right'.
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