The problem of experience

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The problem of experience

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A wise man once said: experience is the problem.

It doesn't matter what you experience - pleasant, unpleasant, neutral. The fact that you experience is the problem, since there can be no experience without consciousness. And consciousness is conditioned. So your desire for experience - any experience - is a hurdle, not a help. It's an addiction.

Do you agree with this? :anjali:
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Re: The problem of experience

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a state without suffering is not a problem

such a state is a positive, real, actual state of mind

faith is required to accept this
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Re: The problem of experience

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If experience is a problem.....then the teaching would be worthless!

As the teaching states:
Samsara is a conditioned experience.
Nibbana is an unconditioned experience.

A desire for unconditioned experience is better than a billion conditioned experiences!
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