will Buddhism finally ended up as a self-deceiving religion like others

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Re: will Buddhism finally ended up as a self-deceiving religion like others

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Mendicants, form is impermanent, perishing, and changing. “Rūpaṃ, bhikkhave, aniccaṃ vipariṇāmi aññathābhāvi; Feeling, vedanā aniccā vipariṇāmī aññathābhāvī; perception, saññā … choices, saṅkhārā aniccā vipariṇāmino aññathābhāvino; and consciousness are impermanent, perishing, and changing. viññāṇaṃ aniccaṃ vipariṇāmi aññathābhāvi.

Someone who has faith and confidence in these principles is called a follower by faith. Yo, bhikkhave, ime dhamme evaṃ saddahati adhimuccati, ayaṃ vuccati saddhānusārī,
They can’t do any deed which would make them be reborn in hell, the animal realm, or the ghost realm. abhabbo taṃ kammaṃ kātuṃ, yaṃ kammaṃ katvā nirayaṃ vā tiracchānayoniṃ vā pettivisayaṃ vā upapajjeyya;
They can’t die without realizing the fruit of stream-entry.
Someone who accepts these principles after considering them with a degree of wisdom is called a follower of the teachings.Yassa kho, bhikkhave, ime dhammā evaṃ paññāya mattaso nijjhānaṃ khamanti, ayaṃ vuccati
Someone who understands and sees these principles is called Yo, bhikkhave, ime dhamme evaṃ pajānāti evaṃ passati, ayaṃ vuccati:
a stream-enterer, not liable to be reborn in the underworld, bound for awakening.”
faith and confidence is not regular faith but the faith and confidence is kamma origin..or not idk.
Anusārin,(-°) (adj.) [fr. anu + sarati] following,striving after,acting in accordance with,living up to or after.

pañña- higher level of cognition.

i don't get it actually, i blame it on translations. “Rūpaṃ, bhikkhave, aniccaṃ vipariṇāmi aññathābhāvi;

pariṇāmi- appropriated. http://dictionary.sutta.org/browse/p/pariṇāmi

https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitak ... .than.html
"And what is birth? Whatever birth, taking birth, descent, coming-to-be, coming-forth, appearance of aggregates, & acquisition of [sense] media of the various beings in this or that group of beings, that is called birth.
appearance of aggregates and acquisition of sense media..

bhava is link before birth. Therefore words aññathābhāvi and viparinami could be related to this.
things, beings what appear to us are appropriated by degradation.

Viparinama =decline.
And therefore viewing things as anicca doesn't result going along with the decline and rebirth to lower realm.
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Re: will Buddhism finally ended up as a self-deceiving religion like others

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budo wrote: Sat May 11, 2019 5:55 am

Just the other day I was listening to a dhamma talk by a respected monk and he said the Buddha is always in first jhana no matter what.

People who are in the first jhana are experiencing joy or piti in Pali language. Maybe that was what he meant.
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