Milindapañha's incorporation into the canon

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Re: Milindapañha's incorporation into the canon

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Coëmgenu wrote: Tue Oct 06, 2020 4:00 am It looks like I'll be making a companion "Connections" thread then after all and that I ought to apologize to Robert. I was aware of the Milinda text being much longer, but had attributed it to sections of the NBS being lost or the Chinese translation being of only excepts and/or incomplete rather than the Milinda being substantially expanded. I wasn't aware of the disparities in the information presented by the "narrator," having only looked at the parallels in the actual dialogue attributed to King Menander and Ven Nagasena before. Thank you for this resource.
Thank you and I also apologize to you for my lack of tact and overly direct posts.
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