Considering a Pilgrimage

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Considering a Pilgrimage

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I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Buddhist pilgrimage circuits in India?

I am considering making plans for such a tour through India.

There's a number of companies running on good, historical circuits, many of which try to include the Dalai Lama's yearly 5 day teaching or something else. I would be most interested in a mostly walking tour, conservative accommodations and price, and that's about all.

Any suggestions? I really can't evaluate any of the companies I've found online and know nothing about this.
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Re: Considering a Pilgrimage

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You could try couch-surfing:" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Considering a Pilgrimage

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Perhaps this site.
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Re: Considering a Pilgrimage

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This book gives a pretty good DIY guide. There is an updated hard copy published recently though ... rimage.pdf" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Considering a Pilgrimage

Post by alan »

Good questions to ask yourself: Why am I considering this?
What do I expect to gain from it?
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Re: Considering a Pilgrimage

Post by Ben »

You might find the following website useful:" onclick=";return false;

Its intended as pilgrimage info for students of SN Goenka for India and Burma but others might also find it of benefit.
I found the information on Myanmar particularly useful for my needs.
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