Wow... seeing this video melts my worldy ambition

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Re: Wow... seeing this video melts my worldy ambition

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coconut wrote: Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:27 am
Ceisiwr wrote: Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:14 am
coconut wrote: Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:06 am

Everything is the best current hypothesis in a given time, including when Einstein hyposthesized the theory of relativity and was unpopular himself. I'm just saying don't easily dismiss it.
I'm not dismissing it. I was already aware of it prior and it sounds attractive. So do other theories, such as Brane cosmology. I actually prefer Brane cosmology myself. Still, being the scientist that I am I can't assent to it simply because I like it. I have to wait for evidence to come which supports it and so falsifies the current theory. Being that physics isn't my area of science I leave that to the physicists. When they tell me they have modified or replaced their theories I'll accept them instead, but of course only as the best possible hypothesis and never something actually claimed to be verified as certain and so true.
That seems like it has even less evidence than penrose's theory.

From the wiki link
As of now, no experimental or observational evidence of large extra dimensions, as required by the Randall–Sundrum models, has been reported.
Yes, its at the theory stage only. Its one of a number of contenders for a new cosmology along with Penrose's theory which, in of itself, has scanty evidence at best. I do feel that sadly, at some stage, cosmology will reach its limits for humans. Theories will eventually become unfalsifiable due to the limits of our mind and abilities and so will become unscientific, like how the multiverse theory is at the moment. Its possible, but it can't be falsified.
Saññāvirattassa na santi ganthā,
Paññāvimuttassa na santi mohā;
Saññañca diṭṭhiñca ye aggahesuṃ,
Te ghaṭṭayantā vicaranti loke”ti.

“For one detached from perception, there exist no ties,
for one by wisdom freed, no delusions are there,
but those who have grasped perceptions and views,
they wander the world stirring up strife."

Māgaṇḍiya Sutta
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