Pali Sutta beginning with 'Moli'

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Gentle Rain
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Pali Sutta beginning with 'Moli'

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Can anyone tell me the title of the Sutta that begins with 'Moli'? I lost some information and can't google the Sutta without the full title. I would appreciate your help. Gentle Rain
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Re: Pali Sutta beginning with 'Moli'

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Maybe this,


Lokāmisaṃ pajahe santipekkho ti
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Re: Pali Sutta beginning with 'Moli'

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There are only two: the Moliyaphagguna, mentioned above, and the Moliyasīvaka...
Anabhirati kho, āvuso, imasmiṃ dhammavinaye dukkhā, abhirati sukhā.

“To not delight in this dhammavinaya, friend, is painful; to delight in it is bliss.”
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