Free App: Four Nikayas, Dhp and Vism

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Free App: Four Nikayas, Dhp and Vism

Post by Stephen18 »

Just wanted to share this awesome app with free and full translations of DN, MN, SN, AN, Dhp (+commentary), and Visuddhimagga -- plus the original Pali! A must-have.

Original app description:
This app is meant to allow the user to read Pali Buddhist texts with side-by-side English translations, including the four main nikayas and the Dhp and Jataka commentaries as well as the Visuddhimagga. ... dhisttexts" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Free App: Four Nikayas, Dhp and Vism

Post by Sekha »

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Re: Free App: Four Nikayas, Dhp and Vism

Post by samseva »

There is the Digital Pāḷi Reader (DPR) for Firefox, also created by Ven. Yuttadhammo, which is very good as well.
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Re: Free App: Four Nikayas, Dhp and Vism

Post by mikenz66 »

And he has a nice simple meditation timer (Bodhi Timer), also on Android. It's great. Just times and plays a nice bell. ... imer&hl=en

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One doesn't need Android, any PC or laptop should also work!!

Post by Subharo »

Umm, this is a big deal, IMHO. :shock:

If one doesn't have a smartphone, it's possible to approximate the functional goodness of this app on an old-school laptop, simply by downloading the .zip file containing all the translations. To find the .zip file, visit the Google Play Store link at the top of this page (which the OP linked to), then once there click "READ MORE" to reveal a link to the Dropbox account where the .zip file is stored.

Once at the Dropbox site, once one clicks the "Download" button there, one does NOT have to create a Dropbox account to do the download, but rather one can merely click the "No thanks, continue to view ->" link, on the account sign-in/sign-up pop-up).

Once downloaded (and it's only a 13.8 MB file), unzip it, then double-click the "index.html" file inside the extracted folder. This should load it in one's default web browser.

Then one can start locally browsing around in the English translations, by pulling down the dropdown menus shown at the top (beside "Set" and "Volume"), and making choices as to the specific text one wants to read.


One can also bookmark that starting index.html page, so that one could easily return next time (not needing to double click the index.html from one's File Browser).
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