NAS Daily explains Theseus

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NAS Daily explains Theseus

Post by DNS »

NAS Daily's video the other day was on the ship Theseus; which I always liked as it kind of explains Anatta.

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Re: NAS Daily explains Theseus

Post by mjaviem »

I remember you pointed us to the Theseus ship on Wikipedia a while ago and I found it very benefitial.

How I see it is, same plancks or not, the self is only in our heads so what happens to this hypothetical ship is a good example.
... householders, you should train yourselves thus: ‘How can we from time to time enter and dwell in the rapture of solitude?‘... —AN 5.176 Pītisutta.

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Re: NAS Daily explains Theseus

Post by SarathW »

I think Nas is living in a La La Land.
What if you make another ship with the same materials?
Thia is a good example of selfview.
In my opinion, he should learn Buddhism.
This reminds me of the story of the Drum which Buddha used to demonstrate how his teaching will disappear one day.
This also sounds like the rebirth argument "who is reborn?"
Nas has completely ignored how people are ignorant and self-oriented.
Without a Buddha even Nas will not understand Anatta.
This is why we always need Kalyanamitta to teach us Dhamma first.
I am sure if I say this to Nas he will fire me.
It happens to me many times. I am not talking about Sutta Central. :tongue:
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