What is vilātaṃ?

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What is vilātaṃ?

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I'm reading the Mahāpadānasutta (Dīghanikāya, Mahāvaggapāḷi) in Pali. In the section Kālaṅkatapurisa, where the previous Buddha Vipassin (still a prince) sees a dead person, he asks his charioteer:

‘kiṃ nu kho, so, samma sārathi, mahājanakāyo sannipatito nānārattānañca dussānaṃ vilātaṃ kayiratī’ti?

You can see it in: https://www.tipitaka.org/romn/cscd/s0102m.mul0.xml

This word is not in the PED. Verbally, it seems to me "The gathered great crowd (mahājanakāyo sannipatito in Nominative) is being made (kayirati - karoti in Passive) vilātaṃ at or to clothes of various colors (nānārattānañca dussānaṃ Genitive Plural)"

So the crowd is made vilātaṃ

I hope vilātaṃ is not an error. I didn't check a Sanskrit dictionary.

Thanks for the answers
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Re: What is vilātaṃ?

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It's a sedan or palanquin, but in this context a funeral bier. The crowd is decorating it with pieces of coloured cloth.
Svākkhātaṃ brahmacariyaṃ, sandiṭṭhikam’akālikaṃ,
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