loke lokadhammo

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loke lokadhammo

Post by Ceisiwr »

What is the best translation of "loke lokadhammo"? Context given here

“atthi, bhikkhave, loke lokadhammo, taṃ tathāgato abhisambujjhati abhisameti; abhisambujjhitvā abhisametvā taṃ ācikkhati deseti paññapeti paṭṭhapeti vivarati vibhajati uttānīkaroti." - SN 22.94
"There is no I, nor anything belonging to me, I will not be, what belongs to me will not be. What has earlier [come to] exist, will be extinguished"

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Re: loke lokadhammo

Post by sphairos »

"there is , monks, in the world worldly dhamma (in this context: principle or custom)"
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Re: loke lokadhammo

Post by ssasny »

Yes, I think Sphairos' is good.

Ven. Bodhi has, "There is, bhikkhus, a world-phenomenon in the world to which the Tathagata has awakened and broken through."

'loke' is locative, 'in the world', 'lokadhammo' is nominative, being posited by atthi.

What is this phenomenon/principle? The 5 aggregates, which the Tathāgatha has fully understood.
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Re: loke lokadhammo

Post by DooDoot »

Ceisiwr wrote: Mon Sep 13, 2021 9:37 pm What is the best translation of "loke lokadhammo"? Context given here
Loke is obviously locative or "in the world"

Lokadhammo is obviously "world phenomena" because the sutta refers to the five aggregates as those "lokadhamma".

This said, it is very unusual to class supramundane phenomena as "loka"; although this also occurs in SN 35.82.

Elsewhere in the suttas, the term "lokadhamma" appears only used for the eight worldly (mundane) phenomena, namely, happiness, suffering, praise, blame, gain, loss, fame & obscurity.
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Re: loke lokadhammo

Post by Sabbe_Dhamma_Anatta »

Ceisiwr wrote: Mon Sep 13, 2021 9:37 pm What is the best translation of "loke lokadhammo"?

  • temporal phenomenon in the world ~ Bhikkhu Sujato (subjected to time, not ever-lasting)
  • world-phenomenon in the world ~ Bhikkhu Bodhi (saṅkhāra loka)
  • the phenomenon (which is subjected to perishing) in the world ~ my translation from Burmese

I think they are all the same in essence.



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