What do you give to a beginner online?

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Re: What do you give to a beginner online?

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1. Middle Discourses 107, With Moggallāna the Accountant
2. Ud 5.3: Kuṭṭhi Sutta, Posted by culaavuso 2014

1. https://suttacentral.net/mn107/en/sujat ... ript=latin
2. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=20379&p=654729#p654729

Avoid evil, do good, purify the mind, which expands into 9 steps:
1. Avoid Evil
2. Do Good
3. Heaven
4. Danger, Folly and Depravity of Sensual Pleasures
5. Renunciation
6. The 1st NT Dukkha
7. The 2nd NT Cause
8. The 3rd NT Cessation
9. The 4th NT Path...N8FP
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