Sense restraint

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Re: Sense restraint

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What about video games? Should these be given up as part of the eightfold path?
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Re: Sense restraint

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ShanYin wrote: Thu Aug 27, 2020 9:52 pm What about video games? Should these be given up as part of the eightfold path?
yes ..
dont think
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Re: Sense restraint

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sunnat wrote: Mon May 04, 2020 12:17 am Is it possible to turn the tv off and give it away to someone, or throw it away?
Yes, throw that thing! :jedi:
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Re: Sense restraint

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One has to contemplate the drawbacks of bad behavior and the benefits of virtue. Contemplating one becomes willing to exert effort. When exerting effort one gets satisfaction from it. After that point it is about having a well-rounded practice and being content with the progress.
'Bhikkhus, possessing three qualities, a bhikkhu is practicing the unmistaken way and has laid the groundwork for the destruction of the taints. What three? Here, a bhikkhu guards the doors of the sense faculties, observes moderation in eating, and is intent on wakefulness. He should develop perception of unattractiveness so as to abandon lust... good will so as to abandon ill will... mindfulness of in-&-out breathing so as to cut off distractive thinking... the perception of inconstancy so as to uproot the conceit, 'I am.
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