are animals that kill reborn in hell?

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Re: are animals that kill reborn in hell?

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Just that! *smile*
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BUT! it is important to become a real Buddhist first. Like Punna did: Punna Sutta Nate sante baram sokham _()_
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Re: are animals that kill reborn in hell?

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Hanzze wrote:You have ideas tiltbillings... But it is really amazing if you observe the dogs on the street, believe me there are less sick movies crazy like them.
Away from this desire which is not only human, I wished I had a possibility to write some stories about dog, friendship and there life. Let see.
Quite honestly, I have no idea of what you are talking about, and it is not just your fractured English. I don't think you understand dogs, either.
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This being is bound to samsara, kamma is his means for going beyond. -- SN I, 38.

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Re: are animals that kill reborn in hell?

Post by 2600htz »


I imagine there are several types of killing, and each one have they own merit or demerit:

if u kill to survive, if u kill to save lifes, if u kill to watch the world burn, if u kill because u enjoy the suffering of others,etc...

Each one makes a different life tendency.
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Re: are animals that kill reborn in hell?

Post by budo »

tiltbillings wrote:are animals that kill reborn in hell?



Probably not.
I guess animals don't need to go to hell to have people cut them up like that. It happens on earth already. I guess that makes earth a hell for them. Perhaps hell for humans, is the same as earth for animals. A demon sparing human lives, could be the same as a human sparing animal lives, and thus both are upgraded to a higher plane. It makes sense now.
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Re: are animals that kill reborn in hell?

Post by Sylvester »

OK, let's leave aside the unpleasant prospect that instinctive animal behaviour may be lumped under the undeliberate sancetanas mentioned in the Bhumija Sutta, SN 12.25.

What about the Anusayas? If even a witless baby can be subject to five Anusayas (MN 64), how about the furry critters?

And according to SN 12.38, even if kamma is not generated, the attendant anusayas to any feeling are by themselves sufficient to bring about rebirth.

I suspect this could be the reason why the Chiggala Sutta #1 SN 56.47 and the Balapandita Sutta MN 129 are careful to couch the problem in this manner -
Monks, suppose a man were to throw into the ocean a yoke with a single hole in it. Then the east winds carry it westwards; the west winds carry it eastwards; the north winds carry it south¬wards; the south winds carry it northwards. Suppose a blind turtle were to come up from the ocean depths once in a hundred years.
What do you think, monks? Would that blind turtle put his neck through the yoke with a single hole in it?”
“Even if it could, bhante, it would only happen after a very long time.”
“Even then, monks, it is more likely that the blind turtle would put his neck through the single-holed yoke than would the fool, once fallen into a lower world, regain the human state, I say! Why is that?
Because in the lower worlds THERE IS NO DHARMA-FARING, no doing of what is wholesome, no performance of merit. There they eat each other, preying on the weak.
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Re: are animals that kill reborn in hell?

Post by octathlon »

And yet there are animals who perform selfless acts of devotion for humans, such as service animals, those who have saved lives, protected children, or even just pets who show unconditional love and give comfort to people. That must be very good merit.
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Re: are animals that kill reborn in hell?

Post by Sylvester »

I agree, and I would love to believe that my 'lil babies will see a better rebirth based on their affection for my family.

The Theravada position on this seems a little ambivalent. On the one hand, you have the stories in the Commentaries (eg the toad who was reborn as a deva, the Paleilai monkey and pachyderm, Eravana's promotion to the Heaven of the 33).

Yet, I'm told that the Kathavatthu says that these stories are not to be taken literally, but as allegories. The objection was something along the lines that the heavens have no place for menageries, or something like that.
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