💡 The Study Group is back! Please read this post.

Dhamma Wheel's study group, facilitated by SDC.

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💡 The Study Group is back! Please read this post.

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Hello Readers,

The purpose of the Study Group is to read and discuss discourses from the Pali Canon. While we will continue the tradition of exploring the context of a single selection over the course of one week, there will also be an expanded thematic format. The intention with this approach is to present a variety of different descriptions and accounts of a certain term(s) or person(s), giving the reader the opportunity to explore the theme thoroughly. I also plan to put up an entire vagga (chapter) or nipāta (section) where the length makes sense as a single presentation (SN, AN and many texts from KN). There are currently no plans for the study group to read any titles outside of the Canon. See this post for more information.

I will proceed with the assumption that participants are here to gain an understanding of the Canon as it has been translated from Pali to English. Anyone who wishes to routinely argue evidence concerning whether or not the Pali Canon is the actual word of the Buddha is kindly asked to do so in General Theravada Discussion. (These translations are by no means immune to textual criticism, but considering how many other subsections we have on the forum, it will not be the aim of this study group to explore such matters in any significant depth.)

I am always open to suggestions, which I prefer to be made in the comments thread above or via PM. Just like anywhere else on the forum, please avoid the airing of grievances in threads. While I am not a moderator, I will look to keep this area clean of what violates the TOS with the help of the staff.

Thank you very much to David and Paul for agreeing to allow me to take the reins, and to my predecessor, mikenz66 for his advice, blessing and many years of hard work.

I am truly honored to be reading with all of you, and am very grateful for the privilege of facilitating. I look forward to reading what everyone thinks of these rich and extraordinary accounts.

But enough of this courteous and amiable talk, let's read some suttas.