Is animal euthenasia 'humane'?

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Re: Is animal euthenasia 'humane'?

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Murder only applies to humans
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Re: Is animal euthenasia 'humane'?

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I think this thread has run its course.
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Re: Is animal euthenasia 'humane'?

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LXNDR wrote:
if there's compassion, then it's an ignorant, a defiled one, since again it's not in line with the Dhamma
Given that you cannot address the motivations and conditionings of the people involved, who are making the choices, yours is a statement that cannot meaningfully stand. You can believe that the compassion is defiled, ignorant, but you simply do not know the fullness of the conditionings involved in the choices made.

Now, as Ben has said, this thread has run its course.
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