Why it is difficult to practice loving-kindness?

The cultivation of calm or tranquility and the development of concentration

Why it is difficult to practice loving kindness?

1) I have no problem practicing loving-kindness
2) I can't practice Metta because people take advantage of me
3) I can't practice Metta because they can be a threat to me.
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4) I can't practice Metta because others are cruel to me
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5) I can't practice Metta because some people do not deserve it.
6) I can't practice Metta because I believe some people do not need it as they are already rich, famous, and powerful
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7) I cant practice Metta for other reasons. (Please explain in the comments)
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Re: Why it is difficult to practice loving-kindness?

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I love when you have a bad thought about someone in daily life even if you don't to like them but you can still wish them happiness. And it changes the mind from dislike to unconditional love.
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Re: Why it is difficult to practice loving-kindness?

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i have at times a tendency towards anger and ill will, such as when tired or stressed, road rage, etc. other times i don't struggle with these things as much. I need to train my mind more, until i reach Nibbana. I voted 5 and 7.
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Re: Why it is difficult to practice loving-kindness?

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Practicing metta as meditation is not a problem . When applies in society then the problems arises .
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Re: Why it is difficult to practice loving-kindness?

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Its hard to practice metta because people suck and are filled with defilements that cause them to act in ways that make it so its hard to have sympathy for them. But it is because it is such a hard practice that makes it so fruitful.

I've also found that your current state of satisfaction helps. Anecdotal but when im in a state of happiness and content with where i am in my life i find practicing metta easier. If i am in a state of hardship and trouble in my life i find it hard to practice metta, as i am realistically more concerned about myself than others and thus find it harder.
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Re: Why it is difficult to practice loving-kindness?

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I have written and practised Metta successfully. Metta Jhana too can be achieved.
Please go to the website called mettamind.info and you will have all necessary steps to follow.
Follow the following steps in any meditation.

1. Metta perception must be clear. Or the perception of the Breath must be clear.

2. Focus on that clear perception, simply keep knowing that perception, and establish Sati. Let go of controlling or the will.

3. When Sati gets well established (set forth effort to maintain Sati) then Pitisukkha comes. If Pitisukkha does not come, it means the Sati is weak.

4. When Pitisukkha is strong the Stillness of the mind comes. Stronger the Still stronger gets the Pitisukkha. Stronger the Pitisukkha the Still is stronger.

5. When Pitisukkha and Still is strong the initial perception gets thinner. The beautiful Metta or the beautiful breath appears and the Nimitta begins to form.

6. When Nimitta appears brighter the perception begins to fade off. Then the mind is only with the Nimitta.

7. When the Nimitta and the mind is the same, sinking into each other, then you are in the 1st Jhana.

Read the book wriiten by Ajhan Brahmavamso..THE JHANAS for a perfect explanation..

With Metta
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