THIS is the next Vietnam

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THIS is the next Vietnam

Post by Kamran »

They've revealed their hand. ... -1.6073938

The Golan Heights is a part of Syria that has been occupied by Israel since 1967.

It looks like the same thing that happened to Israel in Southern Lebanon is going to happen to them again in the Golan.

Iran is specifically targeting territory illegally occupied by Israel which gives them moral justification (and ensuing support from the poeple the moral justification privides) for resistance.

US/Israel were expecting Iran to attack Israel.

But it looks like are going to bleed them to death in the Golan.
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Re: THIS is the next Vietnam

Post by DooDoot »

Golan has oil & gas resources reportedly with rights held by these familiar faces; although I do not believe oil & gas are reasons for war:


My impression is Israel is itching for war & have been planning meticulously since their last defeat by Hezbollah in 2006. Keep in mind, billions of dollars have been spend on long held plans. Its quite sad when Israel continues to shoot rockets & missiles into Syria against all (past) norms of international law and quite sad how apathetic the Western populous are who claim to believe in democracy but, in reality, mostly embrace totalitarianism. The impression is most people who derive from British stock believe in imperialism. I hope Iran does not succumb to any provocation; despite the murdering Israel is now engaged in (after their proxies such as ISIS were both defeated & lost public favour). If US/Israel say they expecting Iran to attack Israel; then obviously the opposite is true. If US/Israel say Iran is the world's leading sponsor of terrorism; then obviously the opposite is true. Any awake person knows US/Israel/Saudi Arabia are hoping to attack Iran and are the world's leading sponsors & doers of terrorism. It is the business of the CIA to terrorise. :|

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