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Re: Ivanka Trump arrives to watch the slaughter

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 9:03 pm
by Bundokji
DNS wrote: Thu May 17, 2018 8:23 pm There was a Kingdom of Israel back in biblical times. Actually there is virtually no country on earth today that has a definite historical people-ethnicity residing in their country since beginning of time. Virtually every country is founded on the displacement of aboriginal peoples (not necessarily a good thing, but the reality, including the U.S., Canada, Australia and Arab nations too).

Israel has already been around nearly 100 years (the modern state) and already there are multiple generations living there that don't know any other country. "Returning" them to Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Poland, etc would be completely foreign to them and they wouldn't know the culture, language, etc.
I am not advocating sending anyone back anywhere, but the establishment of the modern Jewish state, caused a lot of harm to the people of the region, some intentional and some are unintentional. There are better ways in getting people of the region to accept and integrate Israel, using force all the time is not one of them.

Also it is worth considering how things began, and how it evolved. I don't believe that the intention of the Jewish people (especially Theodor Herzel) who wanted to establish the Jewish state was bad. They had no intention to harm the Arabs, but to end their misery. From my reading of history, he was even willing to establish the country in Sinai, or in Africa, but the decision was not his alone.

So how things began is worthy of sympathy and compassion in my opinion. However, as history moved forward, it became more than simply establishing a refuge for Jewish people, but imposing their will on the people of the region. Not the best recipe for preventing harm and revenge in the future when things change.

Re: Ivanka Trump arrives to watch the slaughter

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 9:13 pm
by Bundokji
DNS wrote: Thu May 17, 2018 8:52 pm It's not my original idea, although it's perfect, in my opinion. Jerusalem always has been and always will be the stumbling block to stop all peace talks. Numerous peace talks in the past broke down and it was always the Jerusalem issue. Make it international zone, problem solved. The hard-liners on both sides are opposed to the other side having control over it, so just make it an international zone.
I agree. The last negotiation between Arafat and Ehud Barak failed because of Jerusalem. Hearing about Jerusalem since i was a child, i could not wait to see it. Two years ago, a group of Israeli environmentalists were planning for crossing the dead sea (they called it the dead sea swim) to bring attention to the demise of the dead sea. They wanted some swimmers to participate from all over the world, and especially from Jordan. So i went with my director to Israel to visit the site of the swim, and we finished early, so i asked him if we could visit Jerusalem, and he was kind enough to take me there.

For my own disappointment, it is not what i thought it would be, maybe because i had a lot of fantasies and expectations about it. We visited the old city where the three holy sites for Muslims, Christians and Jews are. I kept on asking myself what people are fighting over!

I left back home, realizing how lucky i am to have encountered the teachings of the Buddha

Re: Ivanka Trump arrives to watch the slaughter

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 3:49 pm
by DNS
Here's a good video about the recent history of the region and why the settlements are curtailing peace.

Re: Ivanka Trump arrives to watch the slaughter

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 9:03 pm
by Kamran