One's enemy

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One's enemy

Post by simsapa »

I've heard it said that one's enemy is one's best teacher. Here's a sutta that teaches a non-aversive attitude toward enemies: ... .than.html

I'm wondering if people know of other sources in this tradition that emphasize a similar theme.
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Re: One's enemy

Post by Nicolas »

Here are some (I'm not quoting passages because it would be too long, and sometimes the whole sutta would be quoted):

Kakacūpama Sutta (MN 21)
Akkosa Sutta (SN 7.2)
Vepacitti Sutta (SN 11.4)
Paṭhamaāghātapaṭivinaya Sutta (AN 5.161)
Dutiyaāghātapaṭivinaya Sutta (AN 5.162)
Kodhana Sutta (AN 7.64) (edit: I just noticed it's the one you mentioned)
Āghātapaṭivinaya Sutta (AN 10.80)
Dhammapada chapter 1
Dhammapada chapter 17
might as well add Chetvā Sutta (SN 11.21)
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Re: One's enemy

Post by BKh »

simsapa wrote: Mon May 24, 2021 1:10 am I've heard it said that one's enemy is one's best teacher.
I'm not sure you have heard the Buddha say that, though. This is very much a Vajrayana concept. I'm not saying it's wrong. Or that you can't learn things from bad situations. But anything in the Suttas is going to be a step or two away from this exact idea.

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