Previous buddha relics?

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Previous buddha relics?

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They were built new to honour them or built during previius big bang?
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Re: Previous buddha relics?

Post by Coëmgenu »

AFAIK, there are no buddha-relics from Kassapa Buddha. If there are supposed relics from a Mahāyāna Buddha, you should be very suspicious of them, because it has never been a tradition in Mahāyāna to venerate the relics of an ancient Buddha. Generally, they are said to be from foreign world-systems. There are no such relics here. Turning back to Theravāda, Kassapa Buddha has no relics AFAIK, much less Dīpaṃkara Buddha.
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Re: Previous buddha relics?

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I think i read somewhere that after each Lord Buddha's Sasana is gone from the world, his relics ascend to heaven to be venerated by the devas who still remember him. So even though Lord Kassapa Buddha's relics were supposed to be on this world, they disappeared from the world after his teachings were forgotten from the world as did the relics of the previous Buddhas of this world cycle before Lord Gautama.
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