Did Buddha ask ask to worship him?

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Re: Did Buddha ask ask to worship him?

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Bhikkhu Pesala wrote: Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:56 am
  1. Buddha images were not made during the time of the Buddha. He allowed Ānanda to plant the Ānanda Bodhi Tree as a place for visitors to worship when the Buddha was away on tour.
  2. The Buddha made it clear that the best way to revere him was to practice his teaching. See the Mahāparinibbāna Sutta. He instructed a pagoda to be built when Arahants passed away.
  3. The Buddha's own son, Rāhula, became a monk at the age of seven. There were others who become Arahants at that age while being ordained. Some children are wiser than some old monks. It is not necessary to enjoy every kind of pleasure to figure out that they are the cause of suffering, just as it is not necessary to drink the entire ocean to understand that it is salty.
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Re: Did Buddha ask ask to worship him?

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No he didn't because Buddhists don't worship anything. We only want to improve our karma and have better understanding about the world. Thus called dharma, hence dharma is knowledge of the true nature of the universe. Some people wanted to defeat the Devil some want to defeat God. But the Buddha wanted to defeat samsara. Some people admired the Buddha so much they can't help themselves to sculpt statues to honor the teacher of the true dharma. Since it is said that some kalpas are Buddhaless, so they are very grateful to hear about the dharma. Hence Buddha sculptures are a form of gratitude for the amazing chance to hear the true dharma.
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Re: Did Buddha ask ask to worship him?

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MrLearner wrote: Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:12 pm Hello everyone,

Here are some questions I have about how people have reacted after Buddha's death

1. Did Buddha want us to make statues about him and worship him? I don't understand the point of doing this. I mean Buddha was indeed an admirable man, but I'm sure he wants us to help someone in need rather than worshipping his statues.

2. Is worshiping with flowers etc nessecary? Isn't it better helping someone else or doing some other good karma that actually has an effect on someone during this time.

3. Why do in some places small children are taken as monks. I mean you have to look no further than Buddha's life. He experienced all the pleasures in life and then understood it was meaningless and reached enlightenment. These small monks have not experienced these pleasures so how can they understand they are meaningless.

Having said all that. I understand that temples are necessary. It is a place for monks to recruit and find shelter and to continue on their efforts to find peace. Also for the longevity and spread of Buddhism temples are a good thing. Not saying they are entirely bad, but I like the answers for above questions. Thanks :smile:
#1. Buddha did not ask us to make statues of him. He did not ask anybody to “Worship”. If you have faith, you take him on as a teacher. As your practice grows, and see things are really in-line with what he taught, your confidence in him will grow.

Do I worship him, No. Do I appreciate him. Absolutely, because without him, almost everybody would fall to hell, except the Pacceka Buddhas ;)

#2 - Not necessary. Better then giving the Buddha flowers is learning one line of dhamma.

#3 - That is the kamma of the child. Strong faith in the Blessed one so your born straight into robes? That is one reason. Not always as straightforward as we think.

Sometimes better to have the worldly life. You need to have everything,

to understand everything is worth nothing. Just hits harder.
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Re: Did Buddha ask ask to worship him?

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This story is really good


The Bhagava(Lord Buddha) was staying at Savatthi, in Jeta Grove. The venerable Elder Monk Maha-Moggallana was on a deva(angel)-tour in the realm of the Thirty-three(heaven) and was saluted by a deva(angel)-youth of diverse hue who approached him and stood with clasped hands stretched out.

The Elder asked:

1 "Risen to a Mansion of diverse hue, grief and fatigue-dispelling, of diverse beauty, surrounded by a throng of nymphs, you, like the lord of creation, Sunimmita, do rejoice.

2 You have no equal, from where then a better in renown, merit and psychic potency(power)? All the deva(angel)-host in the (Three-and) Thirty are met to pay homage to you even as the devas(angels) (among men pay homage) to the moon.

3 And these, your nymphs, on every side dance, sing, enjoy themselves. You, attained to the psychic potency(power) of devas(angels), are of great majesty.

4 What merit did you perform when you were born a human being? Because of what is your brilliant majesty thus and your beauty illumines all quarters(directions)?"

5 That deva(angel)-youth, delight . . . of what deed this was the fruit(result)'.

6 "I, reverend sir, formerly was a disciple of the Conqueror named Sumedha (earlier Buddha), A worldling was I with no awakening, one who for seven year had gone forth to monkhood into the path (of Buddha).

7 When the Conqueror Sumedha, the teacher, the steadfast one who had crossed the flood, passed out finally, I then paid homage at his thupa(stupa,sacred monument) of jewels which was covered with a golden net, bringing peace to my mind.

8 Not mine was gift for I had nothing to give. But I roused others there: 'Pay homage to that relic of him who is worthy of homage; thus, it is said, you will go hence to heaven.'

9 Such was the benevolent deed done by me, for which I enjoy deva(angel)-like bliss. I rejoice in the midst of the host of the (Three-and-) Thirty(heaven) for exhaustion of that merit has not (yet) come.

According to this text Buddha sumedha lived many aeons ago https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_named_Buddhas
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Re: Did Buddha ask ask to worship him?

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Another story about the result of donating flowers to a stupa https://tipitaka.fandom.com/wiki/Vimanavatthu7.11
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Re: Did Buddha ask ask to worship him?

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Woman bow down to the buddha and was reborn in heaven https://tipitaka.fandom.com/wiki/Vimanavatthu2.4

And some human mansions that are inferior to deva mansions:
https://www.pinterest.com.mx/mariovalde ... of-humans/
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