Like/Upvote/Heart Button?

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Re: Like/Upvote/Heart Button?

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Inedible wrote: Sun Aug 15, 2021 8:27 pm
Sam Vara wrote: Sat Aug 14, 2021 11:31 am
allowing the forum to gradually move towards more quality posts.
No. Allowing the forum to gradually move towards more popular posts. There's nothing preventing the forum moving towards more quality posts already.
I see it as making it unnecessary to quote an entire wall of text just to pin an emoji to it. That seems like an improvement in quality to me while also keeping new content in threads more accessible.
You don't currently have to quote an entire wall of text. If your post follows the one referred to, just post :goodpost: . Or just put their name and then :goodpost: .

And how is registering the popularity of something an improvement?
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Re: Like/Upvote/Heart Button?

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Yes, I know a person doesn't have to quote the entire post. They just do. I'd like to see a simpler option to prevent this behavior. The only problem is that a "like" is anonymous. In order to be recognized as liking a post they will still quote the whole thing and tag it with that emoji.
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Re: Like/Upvote/Heart Button?

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SDC wrote: Sat Aug 14, 2021 3:02 pm Forums in general are a dysfunctional medium, but what’s potentially worse than the current allowances here on DW would be a forum where the admins assume they know what right view is and moderate according to their own standard in that respect. At least here the admins and ToS are committed to providing a space for people to express views even if they are plainly wrong. Not ideal, and certainly allows for “poor unfortunate trolls” to grow big and strong here, but at least we don’t have to be told what Dhamma view to hold by those who run the forum.
Quite right . No forum are without biases either from posters or admins . The question is , can the admin be more courteous or they just reacted out of biased n favouritism .

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Re: Like/Upvote/Heart Button?

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I quite like the idea of reaction buttons which indicate whether posts are generally helpful or unhelpful for others. The screenshot images below from another forum represent (left to right) like, dislike, thank you, agree, disagree, winner & informative. As you can see, reactions are not anonymous - usernames are displayed adjacent to the reactions.

As has been mentioned already, I think the option to select text to quote or multi quote in posts would be an enormous improvement. At the moment, replying to posts from mobile devices is a very unwieldy process.
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Re: Like/Upvote/Heart Button?

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I love this place so I won't criticize it just yet :twothumbsup:
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