How to improve memory

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How to improve memory

Post by asahi »

Is there any supplement for improving memory ?
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Re: How to improve memory

Post by Inedible »

You could try Huperzine A. 100 or 200 microgram daily. It is also used for lucid dreaming.

A healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of sleep will work better. And you can probably find classes on learning better on Udemy.
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Re: How to improve memory

Post by mario92 »

Hello, here are some foods you can eat to improve memory. ... ITLE_HDR_9

It includes nuts, dark chocolate and green tea.

I heard a story about a man that made certain excercises like playing memory games and he had bad memory, then he became with very great memory, you can play chess and card games, you dont need someone to play, in the internet are those games for free, just google them.

Here are some excercises ... -exercises
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Re: How to improve memory

Post by Tangent-Man »

I have found that keeping a Diary (Journal) each day massively helps with memory. Also I think Anapanasati helps. Also avoiding alcohol and intoxicants of course.

I think Ginko Bibola is also good (although it can give some people headaches) and Omega Vegetable Oils are good for memory and cognition (No need to kill fish to do it!)

There are probably lots of other minerals / herbs you can take also.

I think not over eating also sharpens the mind + lay off Music/TV/Internet/Gadgets (as much as possible) for a while... + study something the brain is like a muscle if you give it a good work out regularly it grows in strength.

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Re: How to improve memory

Post by dharmacorps »

Meditation supplements.
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Re: How to improve memory

Post by SteRo »

asahi wrote: Thu Jun 09, 2022 5:15 am Is there any supplement for improving memory ?
What is it you want to remember? Weak memory may also have advantages as long as your memory allows you to take care of yourself.
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