An end to pandemic related discussions - March 17th 2023

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An end to pandemic related discussions - March 17th 2023

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On March 17th 2020 Dhamma Wheel established some conditions for the discussion of COVID-19 and related issues, given the "one in a hundred year" nature of the event, and the potential it had to impact people's Dhamma practice, livelihood, and health.

However, now we have reached a stage in the pandemic where:

- the prevailing strains are roughly on par with the flu in terms of severity
- mask, movement and vaccine mandates are very rare
- anyone still wanting to discuss these issues here is generally pushing a fixed political/ideological view
- Twitter, under Elon Musk, allows such matters to be discussed freely without any demands that the official WHO narrative be conformed to

As such, we're going to be bringing an end to conversations about:

- COVID-19
- The effectiveness or legitimacy of masks, lockdowns, vaccines, passports or any other measures intended to combat COVID-19

These discussions should be brought to a close by March 17th 2023... three years after the original allowance was established.

For these reasons, and to keep Dhamma Wheel focused on conversations relevant to Theravada Buddhism, any ongoing conversations on COVID-related matters will be closed by staff from that time.


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Re: An end to pandemic related discussions - March 17th 2023

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I've had enough of that.
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