Root canal treatment

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bhante dhamma
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Root canal treatment

Post by bhante dhamma »

Sukhī hotu, felicitations in the Triple Gem to you all, just wondering if anyone has had root canal treatment? How was your experience, tossing up between takikg the tooth out and that, mine is lower back left, the infection has gone done but without an X-ray the dentist said he thinks the tooth is dead, one Lyman said he had it and then a week later it fell out, coincidentally Bht A.citta has had it and there were problems also, so am thinking maybe it's less complicated if it's just removed? And to compensate for lack of tooth just remember to cheW evenly on each side? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Root canal treatment

Post by SarathW »

I can give any personal opinion but I know some people have done it.
Make sure you go to a good dentist as it can fail.
After the root canal, they will put a crown.
It is an expensive treatment and dentists love it.
There are tons of Youtube videos about root canal treatment.

For the time being:
Dilute 3.0% peroxide twice with water and wash your mouth.
Brush your teeth with baking soda or salt.

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Sam Vara
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Re: Root canal treatment

Post by Sam Vara »

I guess there are different types of root canal work, and dentists with different levels of skill. But I had one done several years ago, and after the unpleasantness of the procedure, it has given me no trouble at all. I forget which tooth it is now.
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Re: Root canal treatment

Post by Jack19990101 »


By my experience -
For medical, low maintenance & pain free is preferable. (to me).
Removal is much carefree than root canal. It reduces dependency on sponsors. It eliminates infection & pain from the particular once for all.

I had opted out root canal in favor of pulling it out. I didn't experience function loss.

To convince doctor with removal, does take some determination as dentists here, not only quite eloquent, is also cautious in approval of a 'lesser' treatment.

p.s. I am laity who don't handle money & extension. Reducing dependency is a priority & factor for me.
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Re: Root canal treatment

Post by KathyLauren »

I had a root canal last year. It was no big deal. It required two visits to the dental surgeon. The first was to clean out the canal and inject antibiotic. The second, two weeks later, was to clean out anything remaining and install the filling. The drilling was unpleasant, but not painful, and it didn't take long. I couldn't honestly understand why people fear them so much. I found it not significantly worse than a regular filling. On the other hand, the nerve in the tooth was already dead. It would likely be more painful with a live nerve.

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Re: Root canal treatment

Post by dharmacorps »

Not a big deal. Getting a tooth pulled is a bigger deal. Listen to the dentist/endodontist.
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Re: Root canal treatment

Post by asahi »

I had done it past year . In my place it is quite expensive , not including crowning . If you find a good dentist/endodontist it would be worth to keep the tooth . Sometimes it might take 3 , 4 or more times to visit if the dentist is not very proficient . Taking X-ray can be unpleasant if the tooth is at the inner end side .
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